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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:38 pm 

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Can someone explain to me how to adjust the SSP's trigger? The "English" in the manual is challenging to understand for non-Walther engineers.

The factory trigger has a very long 1st stage travel and feels quite heavy. The only setting I've actually succeeded in adjusting is the trigger stop. I like the trigger to have some room to move after the break, and now I have that.

I would prefer a much shorter 1st stage travel, and a crisp break after the 2nd stage. Weight can be 50/50. Can someone explain how I might proceed to adjust it to achieve this goal?

PS: WTF is a pawl intersection? and what is trigger power? is that the trigger weight?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:15 am 

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I know what you mean about the books. The earlier or first coloured manuals were better than the later blue/black ones.
Couple of hints..........

In my experience it is better to watch the movements of all the parts when you pull the trigger and get better understanding what moves where and when, and the effects/aftereffects of each adjustment.
Take the barrel off the gun, use your finger to put a bit of pressure on the sear (part 76) to see and feel when things happen.
The book will give you the basic description of what each screw does.
The word pawl is confusing because there isn't a part called the pawl in the drawings - I think they mean part 78 - pawl intersection is the amount of engagement of part 78 with the sear 76 before the sear is released. This is where I think your adjustment is incorrect.
Some pairs of screws affect each other - adjust one and you need to readjust the second one.
Leave the second stage til last.
I think Walther SSP's are great guns although I never felt any difference interchanging the recoil absorber screws.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:05 pm 

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Pawl intersection is the sear engagement. If adjusted it will it will need the first stage travel screw adjusted as well. The side view of the trigger gives a good view of the mechanism. If screw A is adjusted clockwise and C is not, you may end up with a shortened first stage and lots of slop at the start of the travel. A ''three'' stage trigger. Screw C needs to be adjusted anticlockwise to get rid of most of the slop before the first stage. Adjust screw C the wrong way or too far and the trigger bar, the red thing, will not engage with the sears after the shot is fired. Do not adjust if you do not understand the interaction between the two screws.
Total trigger travel cannot be reduced to far otherwise the pistol may machine gun. Walther suggest 2 to 3 mm total travel.
Trigger power refers to the second stage weight. Adjusted with hex screw E on my picture. Does not interact with other adjustments.
Screw B is first stage weight adjustment. Does not interact with other adjustments.
Slotted screw D impacts the amount of second stage travel, or the complete lack of it. ie roll off trigger.


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