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PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:57 am 

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I'm at my wit's end to understand why I'm sometimes getting large vertical errors that I don't perceive at all on shooting. I shoot .22 indoors at 25 yards, and at present I'm generally shooting around 97 or 98. But sometimes weird stuff happens:
(1) twice recently (once on a sighter, but once on a comp card) a shot has gone high at 12 o'clock into the 6 ring (!!!), and I had no idea till I saw it.
(2) this week I had a card where I was on the sighter, but then the first diagram dropped at 6 o'clock into the 8 ring; back to the sighter and was on it, but the second diagram again dropped into the 8, and the rest of the card fluctuated badly, producing something catatastrophic like a 92.

It's cold at present, and I think things get worse when it's cold - maybe I start shivering, or at least my sling arm tenses? - but the completely weird high shots were at the beginning of the session.

I'm left-handed, and I shoot with a MEC lens on a head-band for my aiming eye, in case that's relevant. The rifle is new last year, Anschutz barrelled action in Esprit Carbine Universal Concept stock.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:23 am 

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What ammos are you using ?

Try first to fix your rifle, with a clamp or Hunter bags/rests. On a blank target, shoot severals bullets.
If the vertical dispertion happens, try others 22lr brands/models.

If not, then that's your position. Before each shot, check carefully that your buttplate is always set the same way on your shoulder, and same thing with the cheekpiece.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:28 am 

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be sure your bedding screws are not contacting the action.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:45 am 

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I don't think your problem is ammo related. At 25 yards most quality ammo (Eley, RWS, Lapua) will hold the NSRA 10-ring; Sport won't group tightly enough to give a high average, but it's not 8-ring bad - unless pointed there. I'll assume you're not using bargain bucket junk like American Eagle or T22, which does produce audibly loud and soft shots, going high and low, together with excessive dispersion anyway. You may occasionally find a duff round even in good ammo like Match, but not to the extent you report. You don't mention cleaning, but a good brush won't hurt. Don't forget the tube if you have one fitted.

As noted above, ensure sights, buttplate, cheekpiece, and the bedding bolts, or barrel clamps are tight. Not sure what torque EC recommend for barrel clamps, but Anschutz suggest 6Nm for metal stocks. A different torque may give better accuracy, but a standard setting is unlikely to give 6-ring fliers at 25 yards.

I'd look at several points:

Cheekpiece - does this fully support your head? Relying on your neck muscles is a quick way to a shifting group. Ideally you drop your head straight down and your cheek hooks over the edge of the cheekpiece.

Buttplate height: too high/low will see you straining to bring the sights onto the card, and is likely to tense your shoulder. With a hook there are additional complications; in a worst case scenario, it's acting as a lever to flip the muzzle. If you need a specific distance in height between the buttplate and cheekpiece for shoulder comfort, look at moving the handstop and sling to alter muzzle height.

Sling tension - is the sling pulling the butt properly into your shoulder, but without tensing your shoulder. Related to this, your jacket isn't slipping at all? This will drop the sling affecting tension, stability, recoil, relative head position amongst other things.

It sounds to me like the rifle doesn't quite fit, which is screwing with your sense of NPA.

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