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PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:32 pm 

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Atomicgale here with another of my "SIMPLETON" questions.

Question on the books by Heinz Reinkemier & Gaby Buhlmann:
(One) Ways of the Rifle
(Two) Air Rifle - Training and Competition

Are these EXACTLY THE SAME Books? Same page count . . . .

Both are 204 pages "with 1500 photos". I have an old paperback copy of "Air Rifle Shooting" which I've been too lazy to read, as I've been focused on wrapping my old, shaky, arthritic hands around my air pistols. But is the Air Rifle book and "Ways of the Rifle" the SAME book, with different covers. OR should I get my wallet out and hand some dough to Homer and Chuck to buy Ways of the Rifle, guilting myself into dusting-off & actually reading "Air Rifle."

Highly critical and sarcastic replies are Welcome!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:27 pm 

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They are different books. Wotr has major sections dedicated to each position. If 3p is your thing, its your book.
Air rifle briefly discusses kneeling and prone, but is definitely air rifle centric.
Air rifle is newer, with the bulk of the material coming from his coaching experence with Abi.
Ways is mostly 1960-2000ish shooters.
Both are solid resources.

Since youve already got air rifle...

PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:28 pm 

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Hello Atomicgale. To answer your question simply, no, they are not the same book. When I was shooting in high school, I owned the Ways of the Rifle, and read it cover to cover. Like you, I scoffed at the idea of the other book (although in your case you own the air rifle book, not Ways of the Rifle); I felt that their could not be that much difference. About three years later, I borrowed a copy of the air rifle book, and I found that I could not put it down, despite having read the other book over and over again. Why? Although there is plenty of overlap, at their core (in my opinion) they are two different books. The ways of the rifle serves as an excellent book from beginners to experts for prone, standing, and kneeling. While it offers plenty of secrets and tips, the core of the Air Rifle book is mastering the standing position, with enough help for prone and kneeling to suffice. I have highlighted other differences below, and my experience, other comments are welcome.

Air Rifle, training and competition: Better book on what I would call secrets and tips for standing, much more detail on SCATT then the ways of the rifle, if you use SCATT. I cannot recall what other strengths it had, but it went into a lot more details into the standing routine of expert shooters. I cannot recall what else it had for strengths, but there was enough new information in there to keep me engaged.

The Ways of the Rifle: Excellent book for coach's and shooters at any stage; although you really need a good adjustable rifle to take full advantage of the book. Good at standing, esp. muscular diagrams. Very good information on prone and kneeling.

So, if you want to learn more about prone and kneeling, ether for your own information or to help coach other shooters, yes, it is worth your purchase. If standing is your main goal, the air rifle book is better, in my opinion.


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