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Of all the small bore positions I like shooting offhand best. I'm 70-1/2 years old and in reasonable shape; probably could work on flexibility, but I wonder how much gains can be made at my age. That aside, my question is this: most instruction books, "Ways of the Rifle" in particular recommend a body position where the feet are square to the line of targets. They also recommend that the hips remain similarly parallel to the feet. In fact they particularly caution the readers not to twist the hips. So something has to twist or turn to get the eyes properly placed behind the rear sight looking squarely at through the sight. My neck won't turn far enough and if I try to turn my shoulders open to the target for a good head position, it stresses my back, that twist in the lower spine. Is this just for young flexible shooters? I have broken all the aforementioned "rules" and shoot with a quite open stance, open enough for a good look through the sights with out adding stress to the position. I have some decent results to show; and I can endure the 40 shots needed to complete the standing portion of our match shooting that way. I look at ISSF shooters and none of them shoot that way, but the are for the most part young, fit men and women. Any comment? Anyone else experience this?


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We are the same age, and I've used a very open position for many years (because there was too much ME in the way). Now that I've lost a lot of weight, I use a less open position (but still somewhat open).

You are on the right track about the flexibility of young spines. Try not to "twist" your lower back in rotation, but to get better balance you may try "shifting" your upper body away from the target (to get the weight of the rifle over your hips).

Be aware that your NPA will change during a shooting session, as your back first loosens up, then tightens up again.

Don't worry aboun canting the rifle to get the sights in front of your eye, just be sure to get the cant the same each time.

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