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PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:11 am 

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I am trying to get hold of someone there too so will let you know if I find out anything useful. Some info that may or may not interest you...per SAAMI.
Case dia. .226 (-.004 tolerance)
Bullet dia .2255 (-.0040 tolerance)

SAAMI has 2 specs for the 22 LR that interest us, or at least me:

Max Length of SPORTING chamber .818 (+.002) from breech face
Max Length of MATCH chamber .643 (+.002) from breech face. This explains bullets being engraved by rifling in match rifle or free pistol.
Max Diameter of SPORTING chamber .2307 (+.002)
Max diameter of MATCH chamber .2267 (+.002) This tells us that if you have a .2255 diameter bullet with perhaps a little extra greasy kid stuff on it, and a .2267 diameter chamber...bring your thumb with you, or if you are delicate like Rover...a bigger hammer. This is why tighter match chambers aren't a great idea for semi autos.

As for the Pardini owners out there who find that some lots of CCI SV won't come up out of the magazine, the max length for the 22 LR is 1.000 (-.050). CCI SV pushes this right to the limit..duh! Whereas Eley Tenex is about .025 shorter. No surprises here.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:02 pm 

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To see how much the overall length of .22LR cartridges can vary, please enter the line below into your address bar:

Once it appears, click on the image for a larger view of it.

Keep in mind that this data was compiled almost 4 years ago.

As can be the case, "Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice!"

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:22 pm 

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218bee wrote:
Have a Pristine 1975 Victor that doesn't like CCI SV ammo. No dry-fire ding, and the pistol might have a few boxes of ammo through it. Brand new Wolff spring kit and all springs replaced. (5.5 lb. recoil spring)
Bought the $32 HS Mag tool and adjusted all mags perfectly.
Chamber was cleaned well & Flitz polished and still CCI SV rounds (out of a brand new production case) won't chamber without having to push them in. Maybe 5 rounds out of a whole box of 50 Plunk right in and out, but the other 45 rounds drop in like the top pic. They go in, but it's enough to jam the gun once about every magazine. Federal Auto Match and others just Plunk right in and fall out, every time, and this pistol runs like a Swiss Watch on the Fed. AM ammo. However, the pistol jams regularly with the CCI SV. This also happens with some older Eley Pistol Match ammo I have. Guess I'm at a crossroads... Enlarge the chamber or shoot Federal. Must confess I really don't feel comfortable enlarging the chamber, unless there's some miracle technique I haven't heard of. Kinda miffed as I just bought a 5K case of CCI under recommendations that it's the ammo of choice for this pistol. I have other pistols that digest it fine, but had high hopes for this..CCI SV in top pic, Federal Auto Match below.
Anyone else ever run into this issue? Would love some good advice.




Do you have the right mags? Vintage mags are .100 higher than some of the newer production...big difference, although IIRC they finally fixed this. But after I sourced originals I didn't bother to try the new ones.

Also, suspect the wax layer. It varies on CCI, once got a whole case and not a single round would pass the drop test. To prove this get some of that .22 solvent (I think it's MCP ?) and clean off all the wax on a string of bullets and see if it works then?

Also make sure that when you load a mag that you *tip* the bullets so they angle up. (hold up horizontal, with finger on button and other finger touching round, let up on button so they sit angled up)

You can also try dragging the nose of the bullet across sandpaper to remove about .100 because CCI are longer than Fed. Like you I thought I had the gun tuned to perfection on Fed then found out I couldn't shoot CCI.

Also, I had to clean the gun every 150 rounds on CCI.

PS: I did eventually get an LSP barrel for my HS since I didn't want to drill the original barrel for a red dot. I did like the performance of the LSP, still had to clean it every 150 rounds though.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:59 pm 

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Thanks xeye....all good points....Magazines are original 1970's vintage and I bought the $30 steel tool to adjust the lips. They were spot on. Believe it or not, the Remington Surplus ammo seems to be the winner here, out of about 10 different ammo tries...(Fed Auto Match is equally reliable, but I feel it's a bit hot at 1200+ fps).. The Remington is in the low 1100's and plenty accurate with hundreds of rounds fired and not a hiccup. Don't know about the new Rem stuff, but this older stuff with the round nose and no wax really works great in my Victor....Very clean, too.
I confess I have written CCI SV off for now, due to this quality control issue. I have always liked CCI, but this just rubbed me the wrong way I guess, especially buying a 5K case of it.
My old Colt Woodsman 4.5" Sport happily digests ANY ammo I put in it, so either I'll sell the CCI ammo locally, or use it in the old Colt. Thanks again for your input. That goes for everyone on this thread. I really learned a lot from you guys..

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