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 Post subject: SOS in Maryland
PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 3:21 pm 
Need some help here in Maryland.
The legislature is considering the same kind of "assault weapons" legislation that hit California - the kind that prohibits high-end target pistols for the "crime" of having a magazine outside the grip.
I know that we would all much rather worry about our shooting technique, but you can't shoot without a gun - and it's a lot better to stop this kind of idiocy in my backyard than to let it spread to YOURS.
Got some information below. TIA.

Senate Bill SB-288 proposes to BAN the possession of so-called "assault
weapons" in Maryland. What is an assault weapon? Proponents define this
by starting with ANY SEMI-AUTO FIREARM that takes a detachable magazine
and then checks if it has any cosmetic feature they don't like. Then it
bans "copycat guns" - anything that the state thinks resembles an assault
weapon. And it gets to decide what that is later! To top it off, the bill
mandates registration of any such firearms that are already in private
hands by a certain date. But because the state can retroactively ban any
gun it wants later, you might not have known to register your gun with
state police in time - That puts you in possession of instant contraband,
which will get you years in jail. See for yourself at
a. During the week of 2 February, call each of these three key Senators
and tell them NO to the assault weapons ban:
Senator JOHN GIANETTI (410) 841-3141 -or- (301) 858-3141
Senator LEO GREEN (410) 841-3631 -or- (301) 858-3631
Senator JAMES BROCHIN (410) 841-3648 -or- (301) 858-3648
All calls are toll free. YES, send email too, but calls numbers are
what we need to run up now. Be polite, identify yourself and say you
want the Senator to strongly oppose SB 288 and ANY new gun control.
It is perfectly appropriate for you to call back a few days later to
give your message again; after all, you need to know the Senator has
received your input.
b. Call each of the rest of the Senators on the Judicial Proceedings
Committee with the same message. They are at: ... 5judp.html
c. Have everyone you know call too! Volume of calls COUNTS. Our goal
is to ensure that no office staff member can hang up the phone without
it immediately ringing with a call from another irate gun owner. This
is an all-hands operation and is not a drill. DO IT!
You are the first wave. Your calls this week are intended to condition the
battlefield before the major hearing on FEBRUARY 10th at 1PM in Annapolis.
So yes, there will be another wave of calls needed next week, but by then
our direct mail will have hit and your next calls will be multiplied by
those of gunowners who aren't connected to the Internet. The intent here
is to shape feedback so our constantly rising shout of opposition will rise
to a crescendo just before the bill is voted. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THIS WORK!
Stay up to the minute by following us on the web at
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